Listening back to their recorded tracks. The whole band played live in the room, no isolation. It rocked!”

Reto Peter - Teahouse West & Nova Noir

"I want to thank Austin Freeman great singer, great guitarist, great it was the highlight!"

- Chris Jackson KFOX 98.5 South Bay

Austin Freeman

After only a few months as a band, Austin Freeman and the Hard Souls Band have found their stride as an, in your face rock band, with all the soul that once made country great, to the breadth of early 70s country rock and arena bands.  Preparing to release their first official EP "Ain't Hard To Choose", (set to release August 1st), AF&THSB are lining up shows from the sierras to the pacific.  Austin and crew have been described as creating an immersive experience, from Austin's rich and powerful voice belting out stories that that are filled out by the musicality of the Hard Souls Band, the combination of which takes you away on the journey with them.

The Hard Souls Band

Chris Adgar-Beal on Vocals and Lead Guitar 

Mitch Sandberg on Bass and Vocals 

Sam Sotelo on Drums and Vocals 

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